The Watson Family

mindful parenting toronto
mindful parenting toronto
We worked with Krista when we moved our daughter from a home day care to Appleby Learning Preschool when our daughter was 3 years old.
Krista was pivotal in the move and in settling Samantha into her new environment. Krista seamlessly helped Samantha feel secure and confident enough to make new friends quickly and form some great bonds. 
We always found Krista to be very approachable and friendly. Easy to talk to and very knowledgable. We were always able to rely on her to help us with any problems that arose from a behavioural or learning aspect, and find ways to implement ideas to resolve issues, in the school enviroment and extend those to the home environment also.
She was very easy to work with and absolutely adored by Samantha. 
- Val Watson, Mom to Samantha 3 years