Programs for Peace

Current classes are FULL but new dates in the GTA coming Winter 2020!

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Mighty Minds

4-6 yrs

In this class we discuss all the emotions and healthy ways to process them. In doing so we build resilience, confidence and self-awareness all while encouraging movement and creativity!


With carefully selected breathing techniques, books and songs children begin to cultivate their own mindful practice, all while having fun. 

Each child over the span of 6 weeks will become empowered to make healthy choices when faced with adversity, learning the power of regulating their own energy and how to calm themselves down when triggered. After all, calmness is a superpower!

Mighty Minds

7-10 yrs 

Additional features are included with the older age group, including group work activities and ways to cultivate connections with others through group sharing and vulnerability. In this 6 week program we begin to give children a voice they can be proud of, equipped with the tools needed to navigating the next stages of life. 

*Group bookings can be made through the contact page. Please include the age of your group, number of children and where you plan to host the program. 


mindful parenting toronto





One on One Programs for Families

Family Packages

A personal family package is the best way to reach your parenting goals. 

Best suited for families looking to thrive as individuals while connecting as a family. 

Through a variety of strategies, we work together to guide out the kinks and welcome healthy routines in!

These packages are ideal for families looking for techniques and tools to improve: 

- poor sleep habits

- creating a healthy routine

- aggressive behaviour

- listening / communicating 

- independence

All packages include several sessions with me so that we can work together to reach your goals! 

Meditation + Mindfulness Packages

A variety of personal package options are available for families looking to introduce a mindful parenting style with a meditative routine.


These packages are  ideal for families looking for techniques and tools to improve:

- self-regulation / self-love

- anxiety

- independence

- tantrums / big feelings

- personal growth

- mental / physical pain

All packages include a variety of guided meditations, pranayama's and age appropriate activities to promote flowing and growing.