Child’s Home Library Starter List

Anytime I get invited to a baby shower I know exactly what my gift will be, a starter home library.

Books in the early years are truly priceless. Packed full of adventure, imagination, life lessons and character building, books are our child’s first portal into life on this planet, and there are a few boxes I make sure to tick along the way.

Every time I buy the starter library set, the book choices aren’t always the exact same, but the types of books I choose are. I figured this might be a helpful list to put together and offer all the mama’s or mama’s-to-be out there who may be wondering where to start!

Book lists are one of the more difficult posts I write. Simply because, I love so many books. I find it extremely difficult to narrow in on a select few and make final cuts haha. But this list is a bit different, we’re focusing on the types of books to get your child’s library started, with a few specific suggestions along the way!

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Let’s get started!


Babies don’t have clear and distinct vision until about 7 mos of age. In the first few months they can only see about 6-8 inches away. While their eyesight continues to develop babies are first able to see blacks, whites and greys, with some evidence showing early detections for red. High-contrast books are a great way to provide your baby with something interesting to look at!

My go-to’s:


Accordion books are a tummy-times best friend! These are books that stretch out and stand as a great piece of encouragement for mat time. With specific placement you can encourage your baby to first lift their head, or place the book in a blind spot to inspire other movements like rolling and crawling.

My go-to’s:

The first book in the BLACK&WHITE section and in the BABY FACES section are accordion books, ticking two boxes with one book!


Sensory/cloth books are another staple to an early library. This is a book that, from the very beginning, can return the serve of your baby. This means that with a touch or a grab of the book, the baby can hear a sound or feel a new texture and be encouraged to keep exploring. These books are also free from the threat of chewing or ripping, unlike their weaker paperback counterparts. This book typically has few words but the noisier-to-touch the better.

My go-to’s:


Using object recognition books to connect words to the things your baby experiences on a daily basis is a great way to encourage development. A book that highlights your baby’s day from waking up, to meal times, to bedtime will not only help their language come along, but their comprehension of their own routine as well.

My go-to’s:


Babies love babies! Nothing will make a baby smile quite like books with babies. While there are a million great ones to choose from, I tend to stick to these two options for a few reasons. The Mrs.Mustard version is also an accordion book with high contrast patterns to grab your baby’s attention even more. The Margaret Miller baby faces books are a nice close-up and teach expressions and feelings. It can also become an early first reader, making it a great book to stimulate emotional and language development!

My go-to’s:


Lastly, I always like to throw in a couple longer books about baby being welcomed into the world. Some people think a longer, beautiful story isn’t appropriate for a brand new baby, but I couldn’t disagree more! Full length books are sometimes better suited to new babies vs. toddlers because they aren’t on the move yet! All your baby wants in the beginning is to hear those familiar voices of their family members and snuggle close. Long stories about coming into the world are perfect for this!

My go-to’s:

With only a mild hint of anxiety from leaving out the hundreds of books I’d love to add to this list, I give you the Child’s Home Library Starter List! I hope you have found it helpful!

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Happy Reading Parents!