Slow Down and Connect

Lately I’ve been having little moments of awe while sitting in a room with my family. 

I’ve got a perfect-for-me husband, two beautiful and healthy children and a house full of love and compassion. Things in our house are just feeling right

It’s not always this way, and 2017 might of had more hard days than easy ones, but 2018 is so far so good.

I then started to reflect on what brings my family together the best. What facilitates our inter-connectedness and how we manage to feel so happy? 

I think it’s our pace. 

Dr. Shefali, the conscious parenting guru, talks a lot about families stacking their plates sky high and instilling anxiety into the next generation through our busy-ness. 

With families that move under the “... we gotta go here”, “...we need to do this”, and the “...we must meet up with...” mentalities, they are spending more time getting ready, rushing in and out of doors and doing things, than just hanging out, together

Boredom has come to be this state of being that we try to fix or even eliminate because it’s uncomfortable or wasteful. 

Can we just sit on that thought for a second? 

Is boredom bad or good?

I say, bring on the bored! 

I haven’t done the research, but I truly feel there are great things to come from being bored at home with your family.

You know what boredom taught me growing up? 

That I in fact cannot fly, that my mom has the most relentless tickle fights and that I can sign my name in every single book I own because they’re mine

That doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

You know what we do when we’re bored these days? Build forts, bake treats or watch movies snuggling. We read books and adventure off on tangents about the what if’s and could’ve been’s. Most importantly, we laugh, we talk and we stay present.

Our kids don’t hear us say anything close to “let’s go”, “hurry up”, or “we’re going to be late!”, on our weekends slowing down.

Kids today are seeing devices in hand (oh stop, I’m not knocking devices, we all use them), lifestyles on the go and the hustle and bustle of today’s society. 

Children have their whole lives for programming and passion hunting.

Let boredom balance us!

We typically allow our weeks to be “busy” with one place to go a day, and lots of home time. 

This is how we stay connected. 

This is how I’m able to use all my patience toward speaking effectively with my kids. 

This is how our kids manage to nap together at noon daily and how I can bob and weave the rollercoaster of emotions from my threenager (so disappointed to be using that term, but there is just no better word to describe my 3 year old). 

Downtime allows us to feel re-charged, re-plenished, and re-calibrated with each other. 

If you’re thinking, I’d go crazy couped up with my kids in the house all weekend, you may need a good dose of boredom yourself! If anyone in your family is uncomfortable with slow, you may not be slowing down enough. 

The world moves fast as it is. We spend the first chunk of our lives going to school and the later chunk working and growing a family. If we stack our plates all week and weekend, when can connection grow? 

I don’t have all the answers, I just want to share what slowing down does for our  family and hope to have inspired you and your family to try it. 

* a pro tip, music in the background sets the mood. Easy listening for calmness and upbeat for fun and wild dance parties. You get the idea!

Show love, grow love

Happy Living Parents!