The words that Zinnia hears...

Are you okay mom?

Today I feel drained, my love.

What does drained mean mama?

It’s when someone or yourself is feeling tired and worn out, my love. 

Ohh, so you’re tired today, right mama?

I am, my love.

Can we go play mom?

There are a few things I need to do this morning before we play. I’ll need to do just these few things, and then we’ll play whatever you want. Does that sound okay, my love?

No! I want to go downstairs and play with you right now mama. 

I breathe. I understand, my love. Mama is feeling a bit drained today though. I had a little bit of sleep last night and would like to eat and have a tea so I can feed my body. Did you know that what we eat fuels our energy?

Nope. Let’s go play.

Zinni, my love, why don’t we go brush our teeth together, go downstairs together and once we make my smoothie and tea together, I will drink my smoothie and tea (while tidying up, feeding Ash, burping Ash, changing Ash, and all that jazz), and then we will play together. 

Ok! Deal! 

(Winner winner...)

Ok my love, race ya to the bathroom!

(I lose. But to be fair she had a big headstart.)