I have never been so useless in my life

Since I began this blog a year ago I had, until recently, not gone a week without blogging. Writing has always been my go-to thing. It's a natural way for me to express the thoughts that happen upstairs, and since deciding to start CAMPS and bring early childhood education and mindful living to parents, it was a way for me to talk to all of you, without the restraints of having to meet in person.

The reason for my absence? Sick, sick, sick. My family has had a rough February. First Zinnia was sick, then daddy, then Zinnia got better and daddy got worse and then just as daddy was starting to beat his pneumonia, Zinnia got another hit of the flu, luckily that time it was quick. We have now spent about 30ish hours in emergency rooms and another 3 at doctors appointments. As for me, I was nauseous, all day, every day. Why? I'm pregnant! The first virtual announcement is to you, my valued readers.

We are 8 weeks along in this journey and I have made the choice to not wait until the 12 week safe period because 1) I'm the worst at keeping exciting secrets, they eat me alive and that's just no fun (also the reason Shane typically gets his birthday presents the day or week before haha). 2) IF something happens, I'm going to want to write about it, and who better to turn to than my beloved CAMPS families. My mission with CAMPS is to educate, support and inspire and if I can't come here with my own struggles, then it's not authentic.

So, after trying for several months, it happened and we couldn't be more excited! Day one and two were pure love and happiness.

Since my first pregnancy I had really dove into learning all about having a mindful pregnancy and have now studied lots of new meditations to foster a deep connection and experience with my final pregnancy that I cannot wait to dive into. Then day three happened, and every other day after that. Sickness hit me like a ton of bricks, and as naive as I was, I did not see it coming

Other than a very complicated final month in my first pregnancy, I had it easy. Some back pain, normal. That annoying thing where you can't breathe through your nose, normal. The insomnia, blah. However this whole nausea thing? It didn't happen. So I think I figured that I would just sleep through first trimester again like last time. NOPE. Especially not with a toddler.

I have never been so useless in my life.

Exhaustion to the un-teenth degree. Nausea non-stop, and oh the puking. All the sudden my life came to a halt. Emails were being ignored, friends have taken a back seat and my sweet baby girl has a useless mombie slugging around the house attempting to entertain her throughout the day. Out of the last 28 days, I have had about 2 great ones, and the rest have been really tough. So I am now desperately banking on this just being a product of the first trimester and that I can regain my life back come the 2nd. Here's to hoping!

Today is an ok day, thank goodness for diclectin (although the drowsy symptom of taking it is like an added kick in the shin considering no woman in her first trimester needs help being tired), it allowed me to attend my favourite conference (hosted by Zen Parenting Radio) and has given me the gift of keeping my food down. 

Today I will sit at my computer, touch base with clients, blog all about the incredible speakers and take-home messages from the conference and enjoy what it feels like to be me again, even just for today. Stay tuned, and bare with me. I am doing the best I can with the hand I've been dealt! I am really looking forward to sharing every aspect of this journey with all of you here. 

Show love, grow love 

Happy Living Parents!

My go-to meditation for helping with nausea

I recently dove into the book Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful by the wonderful Gurmukh. She recommended to fight nausea that you walk around somewhere peaceful for 30 minutes reciting Sa Ta Na Ma's and doing the mudras associated with this mantra.  To anyone pregnant out there, walking around for 30 minutes might seem like the last thing you want to do, trust me I feel you. However, it is a very soothing exercise and has given me a sense of deep calmness and clarity when I am able to do it. I highly recommend it. Any questions? Send me an email and I'll teach you the practice.