Deep Breath Train

One day around the dinner table Zinnia decided it was time to take a few big deep breaths. As soon as she was done, Shane announced he too would take a deep breath and took said breath. I of course followed (who wants to be the deep breath downer? Certainly not me.) and then Shane had this great idea...

"From now on, whenever you take a deep breath, mommy and I will stop what we are doing and take one with you". Ding! Ding! A Deep Breath Train!

So of course, with this new found power Zinnia took another 10 deep breaths (at least) and we, as promised, followed.

Of course, Zinnia went to bed, and her consciousness was reset to a new day, and many little quirks had been somewhat forgotten. However, mommy and daddy remembered. The next time she took a deep breath and we were there to hear it, we followed suit.

Now every time Zinnia takes a deep breath, we take one too, and she loves the control. She doesn't abuse it at all, but she does take deep breaths more often, and now so do we.

It's the simplest thing, and I am so happy we have stuck with it. Now we have his beautiful little habit we share, throughout our time together and it's awesome. Give it a try!

Show love, grow love

Happy Breathing Parents!