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This week's #MCM is the always glowing Tania Joy Antonio. Tania, like Hope (last week's #MCM) and many mothers, wears a lot of hats. In honouring her passion to help others, she is a certified personal trainer, a life purpose coach and the author of The Affirmation Station. She also has a deep love of essential oils and can help anyone interested in oils, start their journey. I might need to warn you, it is addicting!

Tania's firmest belief is that in taking care of ourselves as a whole; Mind, Body and Spirit, with natural tools and techniques, we can be our best selves and live happy and healthy lives. She went on to explain, "it is so important for us to stand in our truth and model that for them (our children). Be true to YOU. If you believe in something, stand up for it. The rediscovery of the simple things again, is such a gift, it allows your inner child to be reborn". Due to personal experiences as a child, Tania understands the importance of mental and emotional health and allows this to provide her with immense strength as a parent, knowing exactly the type of parent she strives to be. A knowing that can give any parent the clarity and peace to just be themselves. Let's add that to the parenting notebook!

Like myself, and probably many other mama's reading this blog, Tania had that life-changing, ground shaking, world tipping moment when her daughter came into this world, and life as she knew it was never the same. As Tania so perfectly said it, "becoming a mother sparked a whole new level of vibration in my soul". Tania then takes this natural inspiration from her daughter and allows it to inspire her to not only do better, but to be better, every single day. While Tania was explaining this to me, it was one of those, ugh, YES! moments as a mom. One that can barely be articulated, but is so deeply understood, mama to mama. She talked about Gemma-Love (her 20 month old daughter) teaching her the true meaning of presence, which was one of the greatest lessons I too had learned from having my daughter. We certainly agreed on one thing, our children are our greatest teachers.

With her daughter getting busier each day, I was curious to know how Tania does it all. How she keeps up with self-love, working on her relationship and modelling these priorities as a parent, alongside her life's work. It was a beautiful story of team work, practice and discipline. In knowing who she is, the type of parent she wants to be and believing that the importance of self-love and working at your relationship is paramount to a life of happiness, Tania and her family have simple but effective daily tools to let their lives flow. The three of them enjoy the simple things in life like dance parties, singing along to mantras and gratitude prayers. In the morning it is all about slowly easing into the day and making sure to connect over a cup of coffee with her husband and a morning sing-a-long with Gemma-Love to Jai Jagdish's Aad Guray Nameh mantra music. When they get a chance, her and her husband enjoy going to their favourite restaurant or cooking together at home.

As we chatted about daily rituals there was this moment when Tania admitted that "our daily practices rarely look the same", that I had a sigh of relief. I had previously put a lot of pressure on myself to lock down a daily ritual and practice that looked the same everyday, I was under the impression it was the only way for meditation to be effective. It wasn't until I delved deeper into my practice, and the realities of parenthood, that I started to see the beauty in change. Using different mantra's for different moods, different crystals and tools to keep close and different lengths of time to meditate. Once I let go of these constraints, I finally started to flow through my practices and find blissful peace in following my intuition. It was with these simple words that Tania encouraged me to continue to let go of self-judgment, and to simply be grateful for any length of self-love I get in a day, in any form.

4 of Tania's Daily Rituals 1. Writing- Writing has always been a source of release for Tania. Aside from positive words and points of gratitude, Tania enjoys writing what it is like to live her life having already reached all her goals. In this way, Tania manifests her life before her eyes and keeps her goals clear. What I really liked about this ritual was that she makes sure to have no rules around this practice. She does this to avoid intimidating herself, or deterring herself from picking up the pen, she just writes what makes her feel happy, and moves on. As long as she has written something that day, that is all that matters.

2. Meditating- When meditating she likes to listen to guided meditations, surround herself in selenite (a cleansing crystal) and take long slow deep breaths. In forming a meditation practice, Tania has lead a life of working through things like anxiety and panic attacks from her past. In this way, she naturally experiences her big emotions, and is able to live through them and come out stronger each time, valuing the lessons of hard times.

3. Self-development Resources- Being that her and her husband are both self-development junkies, their podcast list includes the likes of Lori Harder from the podcast Earn Your Happy, to Lewis Howes The School of Greatness or Ben Greenfield's Fitness. By listening together they spark connected and purposeful conversations. This has been something that Shane and I have always enjoyed doing as well. To my valuable readers- Try a podcast this week with your partner! If you listen to one episode together, you will probably be surprised at how amazing it feels to learn and connect with your partner.

4. Essential Oils- Tania currently uses pre-diluted roller ball blends on the bottoms of her feet daily since she is still breastfeeding her daughter. She also loves using lavender on Gemma-Love's feet and working the oil up her legs for a little massage, an activity that is so amazing for strengthening a connection with your baby. Some of her other go-to's include Frankincense and different citrus blends. For oil recommendations and information, ask Tania!

I could go one forever about my interview with Tania, but I will leave the rest for the e-book at the end of this series. Tania and her family are a great source of inspiration and are really giving this parenting gig a run for it's money! You can buy Tania's book, The Affirmation Station on Amazon here and can head over to her website www.taniaantonio.com to pre-subscribe to her 7 day ready|Set|Shift challenge. Anyone who signs up before it is released will be entered to win a prize, details on her site!

With that being said, I will leave you with Tania's words of wisdom...

If I could tell my pre-parent self one thing it would be: "You are about to have your heart expand beyond your belief. And you are doing amazing mama!"

Next week's #MCM is Sarah Voordouw. A mindful mama and health practitioner that I have admired for years. She is my sister-mama and a part of my tribe family. This mother inspires everyone she meets and spends her life healing others. You won't want to miss it!

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