52 Mindful Mantras to help you flow through parenting

Last week I reached my goal to create 52 (not so traditional) mantra's to help anyone navigate parenthood. Namely, the first year.

I created these mantras week to week based on my personal experience with parenting. Some week's I needed strength, support, a shift in my perspective or a push to slow down and have fun. I wanted to make sure that I was not only doing the best I could with parenting, but that I was soaking in the moments, modelling presence and patience and was able to connect and grow with my family through this time. I worked these mantra's week by week and encouraged my readers to try to use them with me. I wrote them on our family calendar, where I could see them every day and remind myself of that week's sentence to use if/when I felt I needed it.

A BIG thank you to anyone and everyone who took the time to read one or all of my mantra blogs! Inspiring, motivating and supporting parents is what I was meant to do. I hope these mantra's help make your week or year a bit simpler and allows you to flourish in your connection to your little one(s). By taking care of yourself, you set the stage to take the best care of your whole family, and that is something to be proud of!

Click on any of the mantra's below to read that week's blog post and how I incorporated that mantra into that week.

1. Breathing through change

2. It is what it is

3. Love is a choice

4. 1,2,3, look at me

5. A new day, a new way

6. Find your flow

7. I didn't cause this problem, and I can't fix it

8. They are doing the best they can right at this moment

9. The calm in me supports the chaos in you

10. Life is an adventure, so let's have fun

11. I'll try again tomorrow

12. What's going right?

13. Wiggle the worries away

14. I love and appreciate my partner

15. I feel empowered

16. I am awake and ready to go

17. Living authentically

18. Live openly

19. Attach a positive

20. Trust yourself

21. I release the things I cannot control

22. Boredom is healthy

23. Normalize the struggles

24. I am thankful

25. Be free

26. Choose compassion

27. Give back

28. Use your lifelines

29. Trust the process

30. Just listen

31. View. Read. Do

32. This time flies, so you should fly too

33. There's a wocket in my pocket

34. Less is more

35. I am fulfilled. I am fearless.

36. I am ...

37. Disconnect to reconnect

38. Find the teachable moment

39. Self care is not selfish

40. It's all temporary

41. Verbalize the silver linings

42. Talk it out and redirect

43. This too shall pass

44. Let it go, let it go, let it go

45. Children see. Children do.

46. Slow down, there's no need to rush

47. Appreciate the moment

48. Show love, grow love

49. Let go and let flow

50. I got this

51., Hugs not ughs

52. Be present

This wraps up the mindful mantra (momtra) series. Will I write more one day? Maybe. For now I plan to focus on my new weekly blog series Mom Crush Monday better known as MCM. In this series I will interview mama's and try to deconstruct what moves and grooves they have in hope's that it just may help another mama out there. Sharing is strength and I plan to continue to unite women in motherhood. So let's share our secrets, our rituals and inspire each other. If you have a mama you think is killin' it at parenting, send me an email and nominate them to be interviewed. So stay tuned for that!

Show love, grow love

Happy Living Parents!