Homemade Holiday Crayons

Too soon? Of course not!

This activity is ridiculously easy and a great way to make something new out of something old. Win-win!

Take a box of crayons and pull the paper off (fine motor), break them (easy enough for even a toddler to do), and bake 'em! That's it.

You can also just go to the bottom of your current crayon bin and use all the broken pieces from there and bake those!

Preheat oven to 200 degrees and cover pan with parchment paper or fill a muffin tin with cupcake paper. Add the broken crayon pieces to the muffin tin or fill cookie cutters with the broken crayons. This is where I got festive and used my holiday cookie cutters. I would fill the cutters with the crayon pieces to make for a thicker and sturdier crayon. Cook 10 minutes. Let cool.

Then you have new crayons in easy to hold shapes for little hands! And it's a surprise of different colours as you create your new piece! Enjoy.

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Happy Creating Parents!

Note: For the cookie cutter option, I put a ceramic pan on top to add weight so the crayon didn't leak out the sides. It still leaked a little, but it is very easy to break off the outside (once it cools) before popping the shape out of the cutter.