you belong here

Genre: Poetry/Traditional Literature

Age: 3+ (ish)

The moment I came across this book, it was love at first sight, and with my first read, it was over. You Belong Here written by M.H. Clark and illustrated by Isabelle Arsenault is certainly now in my top 5 favourite children's books (and might even hold the number one spot).

What I love about this book is that the illustrations are just as lovely as the words. Both the author and the illustrator have won several prestigious awards, which I was not at all surprised to read.

The premise of this beautiful story is clear with it's name. This book is all about where things belong. From each animal and their natural habitat to the little listener of the story. It is a poem that eloquently weaves through all living things in nature, continuously circling back to the reader and their little(s).

And you belong where you love to be,

and after each day is through,

you will always belong right next to me

and I'll belong next to you.

This story makes for the perfect bedtime read, and it's poetic structure keeps even the littlest minds intrigued, although the pictures do a good enough job of that on their own! Every family needs this story in their home library, especially if you are animal lovers and can agree that a whale belongs in the sea, and a bear in its cave.

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