Name that tune!

We are a family who loves music. Playing music more often than tv, we always have something on in the background. We also listen to many genres of music. At bedtime we fall asleep to the likes of Radiohead, The head and the heart, Adele or Ray Lamontagne to name a few. In the daytime it can be anything from Dala to Beck to Justin Bieber and in the car we take turns, song for song (unless Z is asleep and we podcast or listen to an album straight through).

For the past year or so Zinnia has been asking for songs by "name" or lyric. She will sing a couple lines or say the word that is repeated the most, which often times turns out to be the title. Since our road trip, we have had a few long situations of me trying so hard to guess what song she is requesting, and Zinnia repeating the line or "name" of the song over, and over and over.

The last few attempts at figuring out the song Zinnia wants to hear have been tough but hilarious.

First we were in the car. Daddy was driving and I was playing DJ in the passenger seat. Zinnia was tired and grumpy and getting frustrated that I couldn't figure out what song she was asking for. She had now said the exact same thing about 40 times in a row now and each time sounded no different than the last. Since she sings the lyrics, it isn't always easy to make out the words, and what I kept hearing was senmattlave ah hurr-err with the ah part sung way up high and the hurr-err part dipping way down low.

I wanted so badly to know what she was saying and end the madness of her repeating the exact same line in a winey tone and me still not getting it. She wasn't happy and neither was I. Then the ah ha moment, finally, it clicked!

I thought about the road trip we had just been on and all those songs we heard on repeat on the hits channel of the XM radio. Send my love by Adele! I asked questions to confirm as I searched:

Oh! Send my love by Adele! Zinnia, the song we heard in Grandma Denise's car on vacation!

She laughs,giggles and roars at me finally getting it! Yeah! hahaha, that one!

Who love's that song? I asked.

Grandma Denise!

Haha yes she does! Here it is. As I play the song in the car.

She's thrilled, I'm relieved and daddy is laughing. We sang the song loudly and listened to it another 15 times. When Zinnia loves a song, she beats the thing to a bloody pulp. She knows what she likes, that's for sure!

Then, yesterday, it happened again!

We were sitting listening to music in the living room chatting and I asked her what song she wanted to hear. Well, she knew exactly what song. Lucky me.

She starts saying dance, dance, 1 and 2. With no beat, rhythm or anything. Just saying the words.

I think for a minute, dance, dance, 1 and 2. I say it out loud to confirm, and continue to think. She confirms the lyrics by saying yeah! and repeating them, over and over and over.

I start guessing, oh, it's gotta be One dance by Drake. I figure i've nailed this one and play the song on our Apple tv.

She laughs, no not this one.

Surprised, I refer back to the hits channel on XM.

I start singing the chorus's of the songs I am guessing, to see if I'm right. As I'm skimming the list and playing pieces from each song, I am getting no where. After about 20 guesses, I am growing increasingly more baffled.

This whole time Zinnia has been laughing and saying no, not this one! and carrying on with the one line. Dance, dance, 1 and 2. This game had been going on for about 30 minutes now, which at this rate feels like a couple of hours.

Before losing hope, I finally I got there, Can't Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake! I'm not sure what the 1 and 2 part was all about but he does say the word do a few times, so maybe 2 was do?

She laughs and says no, since the title doesn't seem to sound right, and by the time I play it, she is beaming from ear to ear! Yeah momma, this song!

The best feeling in the world. We have all had a song stuck in our heads, and the moment you figure it out there is a surge of happiness that pours from a place of YES! I did it!

So we celebrated dramatically, as we do, and danced and sang at the top of our lungs. Then repeated that a few times in a row until we were ready for a new song.