Love is a choice

This week's mindful mantra is inspired by a couple of life-long best friends who tied the knot this past weekend. A love that blossomed through childhood as friends and flourished into soulmates as adults. They spent years choosing to love each other as we do with our greatest friends. They kept each other in their lives for two decades, and on Saturday they chose to continue to do so for the rest of it. It was a perfect day, and the perfect reminder that love is a choice.

This week I plan to wake up each day and remind myself that love is a choice, and by making a choice each day to love those around me, I decide to show them that it exists, here and now.

As we grow up we are subject to the everyday programming of love. We learn and feel that we want it, need it and won't really be happy until we find it. Love comes from all around us, from all angles and we spend our lives soaking it all in, basking in the warm light that it surrounds us with.

Rather than settling in the notion that you love your family, choose to love them today. Choose to show happiness over anger, compassion over doubt, kindness over aggression.

Love isn't a switch that you turn on and leave. Without exercising the love languages (receiving gifts, words of affirmation, acts of service; devotion, quality time and physical touch) we can very easily find ourselves living a loveless life even though we have a partner, family and friends. Making a choice to love, rather than coast, we open up an opportunity to let love grow to heights and depths it may not otherwise reach.

Breathe with me this week. Say this mantra throughout your days and remember that love is a choice we get to make.

Show love, grow love

Happy Living Parents!