Fall Canvas Idea

I love a good canvas painting and we had so much fun with this that I thought we would share it with all of you!

I first explained to Zin that we were going to do a painting that comes with some instructions. We had to follow the instructions to make a big fall tree, and once we were done we could make whatever we wanted with all the paints. She understood and was excited to see what was next because most of our painting projects have little to no instructions at all.

We started by painting Zinnia's forearm and hand with brown acrylic paint. Once it was nicely covered, but not so much so that it slips and slides around on the canvas, we pressed it down the centre on the canvas with the hand print being up and toward the middle.

This created the trunk and branches of our Autumn tree!

Once we cleaned up from the brown paint, we started with orange. We covered our fingertips with orange paint and began spacing out our leaves. Zinnia was so excited to add the finger prints to the tree and was using a very dainty dabbing motion to add them, which was super cute since gentle painting isn't usually her bag.

We went on to add gold, brown and red leaves to our tree. I added some brown paint to the base of the trunk as the ground and mixed the brown and yellow paint to make a glowing Autumn Sun in the corner.

Once we were done with the fancy piece, we did some more body painting and made some messy masterpieces too! We used our bodies, feathers, brushes AND sponges as our tools of choice.

The final piece: