Being a parent is amazing, but I find that watching the children grow and become more independent, while it is rewarding and I am grateful for their wellbeing, there is a part of me that feels sad for the childhood moments we won’t get back.

Some people try to catch those moments in video, or pictures and I do it too, but I thought it would be even better if I could keep some other memories that probably would be washed away as the years pass and my already fragile memory starts to fail me even more. It’s for this reason that I made a little book of fun phrases and moments. That is, I write down some things that I find funny about my children, things they say and things they do, just for the laughs later on. It is not like a diary, as I try to keep it really short (sometimes a phrase or a word) but it is enough to remember those precious moments. I will share with you some of them so we all can have – hopefully – a couple of laughs.

The first thing I wrote down (when I first thought of it) was the day that we asked our 2 and a half year old child what he wanted to be when he was older. He responded without hesitation:

”I want to be an umbrella, umbrellas can fly.”

Eventually it got better and he wanted to be an elephant, or a garbage truck driver (In Guelph we have those trucks with robotic arms) and then he went on to want to be a doctor, but only for imaginary friends.

Another entry reads “Ice carrots.” That’s how my son called the icicles that formed after a freezing rain storm. We loved it and we still call them ice carrots.

I also wrote down that he used to call his grandparents Cherry and Pony, when their real names are Cheryl and Tony (I just laugh remembering it) and the day he interrupted his grandfather (Pony from now on) after avoiding the death of fictional character in a book and said: “Granddad, that means he is dead”.

The day that he told me he loved me more than ice cream (and he really loves ice cream) but he ended by saying "but not as much as chocolate milk" (he kind of ruined it there a bit, but I am a very understanding person and I know that expecting anyone to love me more than chocolate milk is maybe asking too much).

And of course – how could I forget it – when he felt the necessity to explain to our neighbours how much his sister loved “boobies”.

My last entry was yesterday, about my daughter. We were waiting at the bus and I sneezed. She is confused about the little noises people do at this point and she announced out loud – for the rest of the waiting parents to hear – “Mommy burp!”

So, this is my way to keep my treasured memories. Share yours, I would love to hear more ideas!