Boy Meets Girl

We had just pulled in from another few hours spent on the 401 and it was time for us to relax. By us, I mean Shane and myself. Zinnia had another idea in mind as she asked us to go to the park for the next 30 minutes, straight.

Being that the park is only around the corner from our house and under a 5 minute walk, it's hard to say no. No matter how tired we were.

As we got to the park we noticed it was a little later than we had realized and that it was no longer filled with little kids and parents, but pre-teens and teens.

We figured that since we were there, we might as well play for a little bit. Hoping to not cramp the style of the big kids and only looking to satisfy our toddler's need to climb, swing and slide, we forged on.

Most parks now have a big plastic seat that makes swinging accessible to everyone. This is Zinnia's favourite swing. Having been a swing junkie from the get-go, Zinnia has always shown us some of her biggest and happiest smiles while on the swing. Now, when she climbs up on the big plastic one, she closes her eyes as we push. The smile is the same, but she is obviously soaking in all the wonderful feelings she gets while flying through the air, carefree. It's such a wonderful thing to see.

As we decided to get off the swing, an electric Dodge ram, all black, about 3-4 feet in length pulls up to the park. Kid's car's are getting quite impressive these days! This thing looked just like a Dodge Ram, with a working radio and even reversed. The driver, a young boy looking around 5, pulled up to the park and backed in to his space between two young trees. He opens the door and hops out, shutting the door behind him. Serious parking skills!

Zinnia, jaw open, watched the whole entrance.

It was like something out of a movie. She couldn't stop starring, and her look was nothing short of impressed. She looked back at us as he exited the car with wide eyes "look!" was all she could get out. Which isn't typical of the chatty Cathy we all know and love.

I let her know she is welcome to go introduce herself if she wants, but she was already off to do just that.

She walks over to the boy, standing a couple feet from his sweet new truck, and says "hi". Her voice shockingly low and quiet. The boy quickly returns the gesture with no add-ons, "hi". With a look over to his mom like, yeah she wants my truck.

Zinnia looks back at Shane and I with a smirk, and turns back to the boy. She sidles a little closer and time seems to stand still. You can see she wants to say more, ask questions and talk away like she always does, but it doesn't seem to be coming out. She muster's up another thought, "hi". Good one Zin. haha!

This was both adorable and heart-wrenching. She was putting herself out there, but the boy (who was looking to be 3 or so years older) had no patience for the baby talk. He ran over to the play structure and ran right up the slide.

This is something Zinnia has been trying to do for about a year now, you could see her adding this to the list of impressive things about this new boy and turns back to the car. Starring as she walked around it.

"Zinnia, if you want to take a look at the car, you should ask first, ok?"

The boy runs back, "You can look at it" as he opens the passenger door offering her to get in.

Zinnia climbs in and manages to get out another sentence, "the other door".

The boy gives a quick chuckle and runs around to the driver side and opens the door. In a flash he is off running back to the park to play.

Zinnia watches him head back to the park and then begins to look around at the things inside the car.

The boy's mother walks over to him on the play structure and asks him to offer Zinnia a ride. He quickly runs back to the car and does just that.

"Do you want to go for a ride?"

"oh, yes please" she answers, just loud enough to be heard, as if she were playing it cool like it was his idea and she hadn't even thought of it yet.

He hops in, closes the door, and turns on the 'engine'. Then they were off.

All you see are the backs of their heads as they cruise away on the path that runs through the park. We find out the boy is almost 6 and we let his mother know our daughter is 2.

The boy makes a turn and Zinnia motions to the door. He stops the truck, opens her door from the inside (reaching across her lap). She hops out, closes the door and he's off. He comes back toward us and reverses back into his original parking spot, as Zinnia watches from a far.

An older couple, who had been walking by but stopped to watch the adorable interactions, bursts out in a light laughter. We turn back and the girl says, "I'm sorry but that was the cutest thing I have ever seen!"

We all join in laughing and smiling and agree. That was simply adorable and much cuter than anything that could have been seen on tv.

**no pics to document this cuteness because it was deemed a phone-free trip to the park. This is something we try to do as often as we can. It helps us to all be present and enjoy the beautiful moments such as this! Photo's in the post are from a google image search.