A new day, a new way

This week's mindful mantra has been inspired by recent decisions my family and I have been making. It is about waking up each day and saying to myself a new day, a new way, and getting excited about change!

It all started with one of the more recent Zen Parenting Podcast's about raising "digital natives" with the author of Screenwise, Devorah Heitner.

In this podcast the 3 of them discussed how a generation who grew up in a very different technological stage than their children might embrace what's here now and how to use the screen wisely.

While I have never been a "left-winged" parent in terms of screen time, I am far from being on the right-wing as well. With Zinnia only being 2 years old, I never felt it to be all that important that she get her screen time in. I found that things like language, social and environmental development to be more of a focus for me (not claiming that is the right way, just my way) when it came to my parenting. She watches some tv, plays on grandma's ipad (once in a while when we are in town for a visit) and plays on neena and papa's iPhones here and there. She can swipe, she knows what youtube looks like and even Netflix (yay paw patrol!).

While I don't see a problem with her having these abilities at such a young age, Shane and I have come to realize that it's time to introduce her to some games that would be educational, fun and increase her tech development. Zinnia is ready, and that is all we were waiting for.

In the podcast, the author recommended that parents first do the research and then introduce them to something new. She went on to say that a game falling in the "educational" section, can very easily not be educational at all. So what can we do?

Read blogs! There is a great blog called Geek Dad and Geek Mom that do the reviewing for us. You can also talk to daycare providers or kindergarten teachers about having any apps that they might recommend.

This week I will do the research and embrace that my daughter is growing up in a very different time than I did. Rather than making sure she grows up how I did, I want her to embrace the opportunities of her generation. By the time Zinnia is in school, she may only be using screens as opposed to paper and pencils. That might be a stretch, but it very well might not. Once she starts school she will probably be there until the 2030s-40s. Life is sure to look quite different by then!

Oh, and I also got my first crockpot. So I plan to go wild with that too this week haha. It's a new day, and a new way, and I couldn't be more excited about it! Let's learn to love change.

Show love, grow love

Happy Living Parents!

*If you have ANY fun vegan crock-pot recipes or great educational iPad games for the 2-3 age range, please let me know!