Find your flow

This week's mindful mantra is a call for me to get back to my practices and back to normal. I need to find my flow again.

Our lives have been a whirlwind over the past few days. Between work and getting home from our road trip out west, it feels like I have been gliding through the motions lately.

During our vacation, presence was my number one. As it typically is. Spending time with family we otherwise spend the rest of the year missing and seeing parts of Canada that literally took my breath away, I made sure to be there, mind, body and soul. My practice however dwindled. I managed to squeeze in a bit of yoga here and there, and I meditated when I seriously felt off balance, but it was not a regular thing.

Since heading home, I have been craving a piece of my old routine. My flow.

Between catching up on sleep, unpacking, doing laundry and all that other jazz I haven't been able to slow down. Im doing everything all at once or not at all (but thinking about what I should be getting to).

This week I am excited to get back to normal. Excited to start my morning yoga practice and meditation. Excited to find my flow and go with it! I hope you too find your flow with me, and let your practice navigate you presently and mindfully throughout your days.

Finding your flow allows all the other parts of your day to fall into place. My tantrum mantra's have been working wonders and I plan to keep those going as well this week (although being home has seemingly curbed them). However my focus is getting back to my flow, while reminding my family and daughter that these practices are important for a happy and healthy mama. Investing in myself shows my family the importance of self-care and that is a message I send proudly.

Show love, grow love

Happy Living Parents!