Bye Summer

Reading the internet last night, I stepped upon an article "warmth and melancholy of the end of summer, captured by children’s books". While reading it, it made me remember the days when I was a child and when the end of the summer meant the beginning of a frantic school year. That sweet-sour melancholia that used to come at the beginning of September. On one side, I had to say bye to all those amazing, long days at the beach, leisure time with my family and friends, ice cream and outdoor activities, on the other hand I was eager to see my school friends again.

So I wondered, will my child feel the same?

Noah is too little to really understand what the “end of summer” means but I am sure as he grows he will feel the very same as we all felt during our childhood.

As the day to go back to school approaches I feel more apprehensive about what will happen. Will he really be as willing to jump back onto the bus as he says he is? I hope so, but we decided to work on making it a better experience.

A couple of days ago, I asked him if there is anything he could think of that would make his first day of school brighter. Some requests were quite reasonable, some others, not so much (like sending ice cream for dessert).

We settled on a few things:

  • He would take his super-hero cars (they are the typical little cast metal ones but superhero themed) to show to his friends. We labeled them and I will have them ready in the backpack for tomorrow.

  • He wanted pizza and chocolate milk for lunch.

  • I had to promised him I would be there when the bus arrived (I think I only arrived a bit late, once, the past year, but I guess it was quite traumatizing since he still remembers!).

  • We will go and play at the nearby park for a while before going home from the bus stop.

Because we both had to commit to something, I asked him for two things. First, I asked him to have as much fun as possible at school with his friends. The second, learn at least one new thing every day (and share it with me if he feels like it!). He accepted, we shook hands and a pact was born.

What have you done to get your children ready for school?

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