The Travel Diaries

Well, it's that time again. Zinnia and I have packed our bags and are headed out west! We will be driving to Banff, Alberta and Lloyd Minster Saskatchewan, and at some point beautiful British Columbia for a big family adventure!

With my mother and sister in law and Zinnia's two cousins we will embark on a 4 day road trip to the mountains to see my other sisters-in-law and brother-in-law (what a mouthful- from here on out they will be known as my sisters and brother). The hardest part, Shane can't come. This will be the longest (by far) that Zinnia and I have been away from Shane and it is sure to be difficult. There may or may not have been a few tears shed over missing him already.

Our itinerary is extremely flexible (as it has to be with 3 kids under 4). We know that we want to see The Enchanted Forest near Revelstoke BC, Lake Louise, AB and the Jasper Dark Sky Reserve in AB. We also plan to meet up with Zinnia's 3rd cousin (Natalie; on her daddy's side) who is only 6 weeks younger than her. They live in Lloyd Minster, SK. Other than these stops, we have no plans and no hotel rooms are pre-booked, just us and the open road.

We have a map (the good ole' fashion kind), a desired route (we are going through Canada) and a date to head back (September 14th).

My goals include seeing a moose, any glimpse of the northern lights, bright blue glacier water and making it home safe and sound! The things I am most excited for include seeing my niece, squeezing my sister so tight it hurts, exploring the enchanted forest with Zinnia and climbing a mountain.

If you have ever taken this road trip with kids, or know anything we must see or do in any of the above listed places please let me know in the comments below!

I will continue to blog about our trip and experiences with The Travel Diaries series, keeping you posted on this wild adventure.

Wish us luck! This should be interesting...

*all pics from my beautiful and talented sister Brittany a.k.a. Aunt B. Her instagram is unreal! More lovely pics of the mountains in Alberta here.