Unite in Parenthood!

Enough with the parent shaming, judging and anything alike! It is time to unite.

Lately, I have felt like my mission to help other parents has been somewhat muddled by all the negative talk between parents online and in our community.

When I see parents being hard on other parents I am stricken with disappointment. I feel compelled to make sure that my hard work to provide parents with a supported, understood, inspiring and encouraging community is completely clear in it's goals. I aim to provide anyone who reads my blogs, enjoys our videos, participates in a private package or attends a workshop, a complete sense of feeling welcomed and loved.

I started C.A.M.P.S. because of two things: my absolute passion to help & support other people + my complete love for all things early childhood.

Through my various platforms it is my intention to provide an understanding, informative and supportive place for families. I aim to help gentle, positive, proactive, mindful, conscious and attachment style parents learn the facts and benefits of parenting alongside their children.

I will not often weigh in on things like breastfeeding, co-sleeping, baby led weaning or anything of the like. While I might discuss my personal choices in these areas, I will never write an article explaining the 'right' and 'wrong' way to parent. Simply because I don't think there is one way to parent. All parents are unique, as are all children. Making each team unique in their needs and desires.

I intend to use my knowledge and expertise in the early years field, and personal experience with mindful parenting to educate and inspire other parents about revolutionary ways to have fun, explore, interact, connect and grow with their children.

I believe the judgements on parenting and all the harsh do's and dont's are not helping us to raise our kids! I believe whole heartedly that parenting needs to be a community of support, acceptance and love in order for all our strengths and all our weaknesses to help each other navigate this whole new world. The sooner we offer words of encouragement rather than proud and egoic defences, the sooner we tackle parenting together.

With today's technology, no parent should ever feel alone, struggling or ashamed to ask for help. I firmly believe that in order to be great parents, all you need is the desire to be just that. Once you give parenting all you have and are honest and open in your efforts, you can't possibly be 'doing it wrong'.

If you ever have any questions or want to know more about my services, never hesitate to ask.

Let's all continue to show love to grow love. Unite in parenthood and live life happily, together!

Here is a link to another article about ending parent judgement and promoting the support we all need in this wild and crazy journey of parenthood! Until next time parents...