Organizing Ideas

I was reading one of Krista’s last blogs entries about creating a play space and I thought: “Oh, I have something to help with this!”

We also live in a townhouse, it is small and, although we have much more space than when we were living in a flat, space is tight, especially for the hordes of toys that flood us after every birthday or Christmas.

While I like to keep everything to a minimum, I understand that sometimes, with children, it’s not an option. So I researched some ways to keep everything organized and accessible at the same time. These are my very best ideas to organize a small house, children’s edition. Read it with Krista’s article and you have a winner!

  • Books behind the doors. This is the greatest idea ever. I made it in my son’s bedroom and not only all of the books are within his reach, they are also tidied using a space that otherwise would not be used for anything. We did it (because we were feeling lazy) with Ikea Ribba, but in the tutorial they even show you how to make the shelves from scratch. Check it out!

  • Embroidery hoop basket. You can hang them from anywhere and put anything you want inside. The hoops come in various sizes and, if you don’t want to stitch, you can just use the fabric or a reinforced paper bag. As an alternative, we bought some wicker baskets and added a hook and rod on the wall. Organization on any wall is easy with this! :)

  • Stuffed animal zoo. We are thinking about doing this one in our daughter’s bedroom. Over the years we have accumulated so many stuffed animals, and honestly, I don’t remember buying any of them. The truth is that the children play with them a lot, so instead getting rid of them (that would be ideal) they will be going to their own home soon. We will be making the corner one but the DIY is just for a tower. Still should be easy enough!

  • Ikea bench DIY. We also did this one in our son’s bedroom (you can see it better on the header) and it worked perfectly. Not only does it keep the toys in their own place and own bins, it also provides him a space to sit comfortably and read some books. Add in some fancy cushions and you have cosy storage / reading space in one.

I would love to hear other ideas!

*Links attached to each organization idea! If you haven't already, don't forget to Meet Miriam!