Life is an Adventure, so let's have fun!

This week's mindful mantra is about seeing life through the eyes of a toddler. Full of adventure and fun.

As Zinnia begins to talk more descriptively, with intent, understanding and purpose I have come to find I am seeing the world in a whole new way as well. Through the wonderfully adventurous eyes of my two year old girl.

With amazement, curiosity and wonder, Zinnia and I have been spending our mornings adventuring through our garden. While we certainly live in a concrete jungle, we were lucky enough to find a house that came with a massive garden in the back yard, filled with lots of tasty vegetables.

This summer, Zinnia was all about the garden. She took an interest as soon as the first blooms started to sprout. Once we began potty training, and wanted to stay close to home for a few days, we really started viewing it as a whole new magical world. I realized that we didn't need to head to the park around the corner for some great outdoor adventures, that our garden was right here the whole time.

When I was younger, the movie I watched over, and over and over again was The Secret Garden. I all the sudden saw this as the luckiest opportunity for her and I. We began searching for life, both plant and animal. We spied tracks, we spied little and big bites out of some of the fresh vegetables and we explored the dead and sun-crisped ones to see what was inside them. We made "soup", cooked "meals" and made magic.

Now we spend our mornings adventuring our secret garden and once in a while "Grandpa" comes along and picks us a few ripe tomatoes, swiss chard and more. "Grandpa" is the owner of our house and the creator of our magical garden. The deal when we rented was that most of our backyard is a garden but we split the rewards. A total win in my books.

We call him "Grandpa" because Zinnia's favourite book from 18 months to now has been Grandpa's Garden by Stella Fry. Since he actually happens to look a lot like the grandpa in the book, we went with it! He knows and gives a warm chuckle when we call him "Grandpa". He is actually a grandfather to 3 little ones around Zinnia's age, so he thinks its fun. Next year we are going to help plant and grow the garden and we can't wait!

Today we collected magical beans from sun-crisped beans. Some were purple, some were white and some were beige. They reminded Zinnia of our meditation rocks and gem stones and she loved them. She stored them under a leaf in her own pretend garden and played with them for hours.

This is my week's mantra because so often we forget to look at life in this way. What might seem mundane or repetitive, if seen from the eyes of a two year old, could become an adventure. Adventure is all around us, there for imagining and creating. So this week, join me in starting reminding yourself each day that Life is an Adventure, and let's have fun!

Show love, grow love

Happy Living Parents!

*if you click on Grandpa's Garden you will open a link to the Barefoot Books page where you can shop for amazing books full of colour, diversity and imagination. We own a lot of these books and really love them!