I'll Try Again Tomorrow

This week's mindful mantra comes from a place of accepting when your practice, work and to-do's slip and giving yourself the grace to try again tomorrow.

For the past week we have been busy visiting our families and spending some lovely time at the cottage. We celebrated Zinnia's 2nd birthday and had many fun adventures. My practice however (daily yoga and meditation) took a big slip. Whenever I go a few days without my practice I begin to feel out of wack. We came back to Toronto yesterday and I was feeling more exhausted than I remember feeling in a very long time.

After organizing all of Zinnia's new things, unpacking our bags and giving the house a much needed clean, I was drained. That is when the guilt started to set in. I began thinking about how I hadn't used my mat in days and how I hadn't meditated either. I had been at a cottage, surrounded by nature and I didn't take advantage of the beautiful place around me to keep up with with my practice.

I have a tendency to be a little hard on myself, which I think most people can relate with. We are always our own worst critics, right? I was starting to feel disappointed that I had let things go and was feeling uninspired to get back into work and writing. Typically it is during my yoga or meditation routines that I get sparks of creativity and ideas for my blog, and since I hadn't been doing much of either of those, I was feeling like my tank was running on empty.

After talking things out with my bestie and babe I realized I needed to cut myself some slack. I was spending some much needed time with my family, celebrating my daughter's second trip around the sun and was on vacation. What mattered was my presence. I was investing in my relationships and that was nothing to be disappointed about.

Yesterday may not have been productive, but I don't need to spend today dwelling on that. If you too feel like you have let some of the important stuff slip then say it with me, I'll Try Again Tomorrow.

Today I will move slowly, breathe deeply, get on my mat and have a nice meditation with my not so baby, baby girl. I will remind myself this week to keep trying again tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day. What I don't get to today, can wait. As long as I am staying present and absorbing my experiences as they are, I am doing just fine.

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