I have always resided in a big city and I have never owned or lived in a house that had a garden. While my apartment had other pros, like a great beach within 5 minutes walking, I loved the idea of growing my own plants. Yes, I had some plants in pots, but they did not have enough space to grow and – to be honest – it wasn’t the same.

Only a few months shy of a year after I came to Canada we bought our first house, and, it had a small garden! I was so excited to finally have a garden where I could grow plants! One of the things I was more excited about was to grow things I could eat. I know, it sounds silly that a 37 year old was excited about that, but that’s what happens when you’ve lived all your life in a condo or apartment.

We started by growing carrots, tomatoes, strawberries, raspberries and parsnips. Luckily enough we were able to enjoy them through the summer months. I was so amazed about how easily they grow and how little maintenance I had to provide. It also felt great to eat something I grew myself!

I remember one of the schools I used to teach at had a garden; each class was given a patch of land that the children had to cultivate. This was an especially great idea for the pre-schoolers who learn much better hands-on: not only were they eager to learn, they also loved playing with the dirt!

My children are no different, they love working in our little patch. Every year we plant our seeds around February-May and watch them grow, then we plant them in the garden as soon as the cold weather has gone. The children are actively involved in the whole process and they enjoy eating the fruit off the plants. In fact, my son is a very picky eater, but he will eat almost anything that we harvest from our plants – happily!

Our obligations as parents, guardians or educators is to provide the children real life experiences, and what better than teaching them to grow and cultivate their own veggies and/or fruit?

If you are unsure or don’t have a garden, don’t let that stop you: there are several community gardens in each city, and you can apply to get your own patch. As for the plants, strawberries and tomatoes, they seem to be quite easy to grow, with very little maintenance. I promise you, that whether you have children or not, it will be worth the effort!

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