Lets be Children

Some time ago, when my daughter was born, I was feeling very frustrated and overwhelmed. In this moment of change – from having just one child to having two - things were difficult and, while I was very happy to finally have (after several miscarriages) a second child, it felt just too much at times.

One of the days that I was feeling a bit frustrated, my son approached me and said: “Maybe you forgot how to be a child”. At first it made me feel really bad about myself, because not only had my child realized it, it was also so obvious that he was trying to help. But rather than wallow in my own misery at the time, I gladly accepted his counselling and asked him if he would show me how to be a child again.

He accepted the challenge and the next day we set up a day for him to teach me how to be a child. Luckily for you, I am about to pass on these important tips:

  • We like to play: Children love to play with anything, and we love to play with mummy and daddy.

  • We like to eat cake, Timbits and ice cream, but we don’t really like to always wait until after dinner.

  • We like to bounce on the couch, and take the cushions off and make a fort with them.

  • We like to look at things, and touch them, and feel them; and if they are ok to take home, we just like to keep them for a while.

  • We like chocolate milk for breakfast, and pancakes, and things that are yummy. We like to cook them too…but only if they are easy.

  • We like to explore, and find treasures.

  • We like to splash in the bath, even if the walls get wet!

  • We don’t mind being dirty.

  • We like to be silly.

  • We like to play with our food, and make mountains or happy faces with the mash.

  • We don’t like to tidy up.

There are a few more things, but these ones kind of stuck in my head. Obviously, we don’t do them all the time, but I think: let’s leave the children to be children, because after all, they will grow up and forget.

Pick a day, and enjoy being a child!