I Feel Empowered

This week's mindful mantra is about recognizing your accomplishments and allowing all your hard work thus far to empower you and propel you forward. It was a mantra inspired by all the amazing people around me.

This past week I had an opportunity to spend some one on one time with some great friends. One just delivered a healthy baby boy at home, and the others are our close family friends who have a son one month older than our daughter.

Living a life filled with inspiration, inner work and acceptance cannot be complete without first choosing your circle of friends wisely.

When talking with the first friend (who had just delivered a healthy baby boy at home), I could not help but sit in astonishment at how miraculous this woman was. Not only for having experienced child birth in its rawest and purest forms, but for talking about it with such positivity and appreciation for the process. We went on to marvel at the idea of looking at labour and pregnancy in any other way other than amazement.

It is so unfortunate (and very common) as a pregnant woman to be approached by people throughout your pregnancy who pity your waddle, sigh at your swollen ankles or pat you on the back to "get through it". I remember being approached by a friend during my pregnancy who made a point to tell me that it was refreshing to know at least one pregnant woman who truly embraced and enjoyed the beauty of this time in my life. She was a server and had heard time and again various pregnant women using their dining experience as an opportunity to complain and vent. How unfortunate.

I sat there listening to my friend talk about setting her meditation practice in motion in the last month of pregnancy. She visualized her colostrum and milk coming in to support her new baby and channeled all the good energy she had into her soon-to-be born son. As she talked about sinking into her intuitive yoga practice and meditation habits, she peacefully and positively coasted to the big day.

When Zinnia and I went to visit the new little family (only 9 days post labour) we could feel the abundance of love and light in their home. Their mentality and retelling of their story filled me with empowerment and we bonded over our desire to empower others to see the same experience as positively as we felt it should be regarded. Yes childbirth ain't easy, and yes our labour plans rarely pan out the way we imagined them, but these are not reasons to sway your judgment from what really happens here. Bringing your child from utero to their own space here on earth is simply amazing. What our bodies do as women to create and care for these wonderful littles is empowering all in itself. If you gave birth to your child a week ago or 4 years ago, that feat deserves its rightful honour and it is up to you to provide yourself that. Use the strength to empower you today to do something meaningful and fulfilling.

I then quickly find myself in the middle of the woods, in deep conversations with like-minded friends (family, really) and feeling a giant sense of empowerment all over again. Raising my daughter along side my best friend whom I admire and look up to, has been nothing short of astonishing as well.

These parents are committed, conscious, mindful, compassionate and adventurous. They show me exactly what it means to practice what you preach and how to provide your children with an opportunity to let their spirits glow and radiate. From pregnancy to now having two year old's, this mama has shared in my newest of experiences and allowed me to really appreciate and embrace every aspect of parenthood. By showing love to each other and my family we have grown a powerful and loving connection. Empowerment in numbers and experience. Now we sit and play, watching the love between our children grow it's own set of wings and influence.

What to do when feeling empowered and ready to take on the world? Honour yourself. Just as much as you do your children, and you will begin to see a ripple effect throughout your life.

For the past 30ish weeks I have been writing mantras and if you have been reading them and practicing them with me then we all know the drill. Give yourself space, acceptance, understanding, compassion and love and you will radiate it out, probably empowering others while inevitably empowering yourself.

If you are still working on a few things, or currently in the rut of human error, I understand you might not be feeling too empowered this week. But lets then take a moment to honour that and release it. Deep breath in, grabbing a hold of all your past guilts and future worries and breathing them right back out, pushing them even further away with a big heavy sigh.

Now let's just try again, shall we?

Need an activity to get the empowerment flowing? I have recently created a Jar of Awesome (thanks to The Tim Ferris Show) and it has been a great way to empower myself to live the happy life. Label a jar, put it somewhere visible and as often as you like, you put little to big things that you have accomplished. In doing so, you fill a jar to the top day by day and on those off days with human error and clash, you take a few of those constructive seconds to stop, think and breathe and you read a few awesome things about yourself. It may not inspire you instantly, but you will leave with a seed planted and this will give it the space to be thought about, considered and benefited from.

If you have been taking time out of your day to stop, breathe and think then you too should be empowered because you are trying your best and that is more than enough.

Breathe in your accomplishments, and breath out this mantra I am empowered. Believe it, feel it and be it. Keep doing what you're doing because it is working and you deserve to be happy and proud.

Show love, grow love

Happy Living Parents