My Magical Morning

This morning, something magical happened. I just had to share.

Since Zinnia was born, anytime I had to wake her up (which is not that often, since a sleeping baby is typically a blessing) I have done so by giving her smooches all over. Zinnia likes to sleep "nudies" (diaper only) so there is a lot of super soft baby skin for kissing!

Usually it takes at least ten smooches for her eyes to start to open, and her smile to come to life. This is one of my favourite things about being a mother. This small and simple moment.

Today, it was my turn. At 7 am, I woke up to Zinnia straddled over me, giving me kisses on my lips and cheeks. Once I realized what was happening I opened my eyes and there she was, my smiling baby girl, smooching me awake, just like I had done to her so many times before. I put my arms around her and we snuggled for just a moment.

Zinnia said "mommy is awake now" with a massive smile.

Smiling back, from ear to ear, I said "I sure am baby girl, that was a wonderful way to wake up, thank you" to which she said "I welcome mommy".

Heart exploding everywhere this morning. I never expected my tradition of kissing Zinnia awake to make it's way back to me, and I could not be more grateful it did!

Show love, grow love (how true it is)

Happy Living Parents!