I am awake and ready to go!

This week's mindful mantra is about those tired mornings and a proactive choice to fight the morning tiredness.

I know what you might be thinking, how can a mantra make me feel less sleepy? Quick answer it won't. However, thinking this mantra to yourself and taking a few minor steps to embrace the rising sun, might make those mornings just a tiny bit simpler, and who doesn't want that.

Let's give it a try: take a deep breath in, filling every part of your body with a warm energetic light, breathing out all those hours of sleep you did get, saying to yourself I am awake and ready to go!

This mantra will need to be actively worked each and every morning, a good way to start is by forgiving yourself for feeling, looking and maybe even sounding like a zombie at 5, 6 or 7 am. We have all been there. A child's sleep pattern is like an attempt to chase an erratic butterfly and catch it, extremely unpredictable, always changing and never the same. One week our child is sleeping like an angel waking up at 8 am, the next, their up with the sun and we are begging for an extra 10 minutes.

One thing about the mornings is that our children, so often, wake up excited and ready to start the day. The spark in my daughter's eyes when she first wakes up in the morning has always inspired me, not exactly enough to take away the extreme tiredness I feel sometimes, but in retrospect, it truly is beautiful.

Our children are so lucky to be in a place in their lives where waking up and living a day is filled with awesome experiences and relationships. Waking up at the crack of dawn to get as much day in as they can is actually super adorable. Then they come over to wake us up too, and what do they see? Smiles? Nice words? Think about this for a second.

I in no way aim to make any parent feel guilty! I firmly believe no one should be expected to be at their best at 5 am, and if you are, good for you! I am not a morning person, and this article is my attempt to change that even a little bit and inspire other parents to try it with me!

By encouraging you to think of the morning's from the perspective of your child, I just look to direct your attention from your own lack of sleep to the inspiring little ray of light in front of you. Everything is so new and exciting for our children, and it is a really great exercise to transfer their bright eyed and bushy tailed mentality onto us. If we wake up and start each morning with this week's mantra, maybe we can work at exciting our tired brains and giving ourselves an extra little boost to get going.

Some additional ideas to help with morning tiredness: do something new (i.e. make pancakes from scratch and let your child help, or sit outside while you drink your tea), have a morning stretch or quickie yoga routine, try a 1-5 minute meditation or listen to some of your favourite music and dance around while you prep breakfast.

Try it with me parents! Let's turn our morning's from tired and slow, to refreshed and excited to be alive! Harness the bright light energy of our children and speak this mantra to ourselves, I am awake and ready to go!

Show love, grow love

Happy Living Parents