Grounding Technique for Toddlers

Lately there has been a lot of articles circling the internet in regards to Highly Sensitive People (HSPs), indigo, spirited or even star/crystal people and children. These terms have started to be explored as an alternative to using common disorders to classify children under something that might not be the perfect fit.

A very close friend of mine has been coming to me off and on for the past two years for advice and ideas in regards to parenting, as you do with your fellow parent friends. I have had the pleasure of knowing her son Solomon since the very beginning and am beyond grateful to have had the chance to watch him grow over the past two years. He is my daughters best friend and quite honestly the keeper of one of the biggest hearts I have ever known. Solomon is beautifully sensitive, spirited and in my opinion, a gorgeously indigo child.

From early on Solomon showed anyone who knew him signs of a high EQ (emotional intelligence quotient). He was always easily plugged in to the emotions of the people around him and if he ever encountered a person with heavy or negative energy he would quickly change from his happy-go-lucky self to uncomfortable and concerned. As Solomon has continued to grow and develop he has shown more signs of having a gift for absorbing the energies of the people he is close to. Lately, Solomon has come to find he doesn't enjoy going to new places or crowded environments.

Knowing Solomon as well as I do, and having taken a class with Dr. Therese Rowley (one of the leading doctors studying this field) I have come to wonder if Solomon, is in fact, a spiritually gifted child. With this in mind, I began to wonder if Solomon's disinterest in being away from home had more to do with an abundance of energies being absorbed at a time. This is paired with a time when Solomon is still quite unsure how to process even his own big feelings and emotions.

When I attended Dr. Rowley's breakout session at the 2016 Zen Parenting Let's Get Real conference I had the opportunity to ask her how to help a child who is riddled with the energies of other people. I have had a couple clients since starting C.A.M.P.S. that I felt might be dealing with this and I wanted to know if there was a quick fix to help them release or ground themselves when they are being over-stimulated. Dr. Rowley mentioned that just as water, sand or dirt can make adults feel grounded, they can do the same for children. By submerging their hands or feet into one of these things, a spiritually gifted child could experience instant relief from their surroundings.

When my friend started talking to me about Solomon's new distaste for crowded and new environments the dots started to connect. I had always observed him to be very in-tune with the emotions around him, and this made a lot of sense. I thought if he could just harness one of these grounding materials and have it with him while he was out and about, it might help him release all the negative feelings that might come with taking in the energy of the people around him. Then it came to me, a balloon filled with sand. I know how much Solomon loves the sand (probably because he is constantly being grounded by playing in it) and I thought this might do the trick. So far, Solomon's momma has reported that it has been working wonders and she sent me this awesome video of Solomon using his new grounding toy.

For more information on this subject check out Dr. Rowley's article on Multi-Sensory Children. You can also find out more about her work and read some of her Huffington Post blogs or books by heading over to her website here.

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*This article is in no way meant to say that disorders are not appropriately diagnosed, of course in some cases they are. However, if you are a parent of a sensitive or spirited child and they are not quite fitting the bill of ADHD or Autism, you might want to consider exploring some grounding techniques and reading up on indigo children, it might be exactly what you are looking for.