Making Mindful Magic

Making Mindful Magic is a beautifully simplistic story that is perfect for any age. Wether you are introducing your child or an adult to mindfulness, this story eloquently lays out what it means to be aware and present in the as is moment. It is with simple activities and beautiful illustrations that this book shows its readers how to be present in the most ordinary of situations.

From finding stars to going for a walk in nature, Making Mindful Magic shows us how to stop and appreciate the sounds, smells and textures of our surroundings. With a poetic introduction of things to look for under each activity you can either read the book through in one sitting, or flip through the pages and look for an activity to do with your little one this afternoon. There is also an in-depth guide at the back showing parents and teachers how they might take their children through each activity.

Children are born with a natural desire to imagine, wonder, observe, learn and notice even the smallest of details we so often miss as busy adults. This book allows the parent-child relationship an excuse to get on the same page, move at the same pace, breathing deeply and soaking in every detail of what's around us. Rather than hurrying along your little one, you could use this book as a reason to slow right down and see the world through your child's eyes, appreciating the beauty in the little things.

Complete with a how to use this book guide, Lea McKnoulty does not skip a beat. This book is so well thought out and even features an in-depth description of why being mindful is so good for all humans, big and small.

A must read to any mindful parent and has been in my list of great baby shower gifts ever since I found it!

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Here is a video of Zinnia enjoying this book.