Attach a Positive

This week's mindful mantra is about choosing to attach a positive association to a not so favourite task.

This simple mantra and reminder is a great way to keep yourself on track with a more mindful and compassionate approach to living and parenting, even while you are having to tick off the not so wonderful boxes on your to-do list.

Not a fan of cleaning up the kitchen? Not interested in doing the laundry or getting the groceries done? Simply attach a positive to lighten the mood!

I personally turn to podcasts and music to lighten my menial tasks and lift my spirits. Podcasts leave me feeling inspired and motivated every time I listen to one (which is why they tend to be my first choice). However, if I am having to tackle these tasks while multi-tasking (like watching over my daughter) I choose music. Music is something we can both enjoy, and if I choose something upbeat and full of good energy, we are sure to have a great time - making the boring task of cleaning the house more fun!

Try to use your child's schedule in your favour as well. If your child tends to nap around the same time, for a similar amount of time each day, use this to your advantage! Nap when they do if you need the sleep, or tackle a to-do while attaching a positive to get things done and some much needed personal time in!

Every time you feel like you are dreading doing something, be creative and attach a positive association to the negative task and watch how you begin to look forward to those drab to-do's!

Other ways to train your brain to think more positively includes focusing on the hidden lessons in the problems or big mistakes. All situations, good or bad, tend to come with a lesson, especially when it comes to our little ones. If they do something that in an instant makes you feel frustrated and overwhelmed, go hunting for the lessons. Teaching them in the moment of a big mistake (attaching a positive) is a valuable way to use a not so great outcome.

Show love, grow love

Happy Living Parents!