Our Scary Lesson

The other day Zinnia and I were going about our day as normal. We had done nothing out of the ordinary aside from having stayed inside all morning, which is something we don't often do. When Zinnia woke up from her nap everything seemed fine until I noticed two massive patches of hives all raised and bumpy. When I touched them Zinnia let me know that they were sore. I instantly started searching her entire body finding more and more patches and before I knew it, they were on her face and neck as well.

A quick back story: I have had allergic reactions my whole life. From a throat swelling scare back when I was around 8 to many more into my 20's. I have had many trips to the emergency room to get a high dose of Benedryl injected right into my butt. Good times.

Back to Zinnia.

She had spiked a fever and the hives were going strong. I called Shane at work, no answer. Panic, called three - five more times, still no answer. I then called my mother and she recommended I call our family doctor. Great idea. I called our doctor and after a few questions they determined we should rush Zinnia to the closest hospital since allergies can escalate quickly. We called for a cab and were on our way.

Shane met us there (I called his work while waiting for the cab) and after a couple hours the hives started to go away and her temperature began to go down. After a long time of trying to entertain a toddler in a boring hospital waiting room we were ushered to another room to wait some more to see the doctor. After eating a nutrigrain bar (which Zinnia refers to as cookies) Shane and Zinnia began singing a song about no more cookies. As you do. Our family is notorious for making up songs about anything and everything we do in a day. It is so awesome now that Zinnia is full-on talking that she joins in with our silly songs, and even makes up her own now! She was in great spirits through the whole ordeal which was very Zinnia of her. She can be throwing up all night long and still be smiling and full of love in between, it's quite wonderful.

Once the doctor came we took a dose of benedryl and bought more on our way home. Allergies are tough. Dr. Mansfield let us know that 3/4's of all allergies are left unsolved meaning we will probably never know what caused this. One summer it took me about a dozen trips to the ER and many sick days at work to find out I was allergic to ASA (an active ingredient in MANY medications). I had been trying to take things like ibuprofen to ease the pain and symptoms and later found out that it was the cause of all my problems.


Learn from my mistake, and make sure you have a bottle on hand too. Allergies are something you never want to leave to chance. We were very lucky this time, but will not allow the same mistake to happen twice.

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