Travelling with Children

As many of you might know, we just came back from a trip to Europe. I have always loved travelling and when I had my first son I thought that my travelling days were over; money troubles and carrying a small child around didn’t make it look as appealing as it was before. Well, let me tell you, it might not seem easy for many reasons but it is absolutely worth it. The experiences and moments we gathered on our journeys will be forever cherished.

Contrary to popular opinion, travelling with small children, especially by plane, has its rewards: we always got placed in the shorter or “fast” lanes, we boarded the planes first and flight attendants were nice enough to give us a few more treats and snacks for the children. On top of this, many of the airports we visited had special areas designated for children and even indoor playgrounds, as in Madrid airport.

Before we left, I prepared myself for the tough times: I bought all kinds of colouring and sticker books I could find in the dollar store and I loaded my tablet with their favourite cartoons and movies. What I wasn’t prepared for was the amazing time we were about to have together. Experiencing another culture through a child’s eye is a different way to travel than I was used to. A much better one that I can’t sum up in a few phrases. The truth is that (like Krista-Lee constantly reminds us in her mantras) the children are present in the moment and travelling with them is a truly enriching experience for both sides.

My son learnt in this trip that there is a whole entire world outside filled with different cultures, people, food and new adventures. This kind of knowledge can’t be taught, it needs to be experienced first person.

Childhood is fleeting, don’t hesitate to make your memories before it is too late: travel, explore the world, but most importantly, spend time together as a family.

Flying soon with children? Tune in next week for some tips!