Trust Yourself

This week's mindful mantra is about releasing the labels projected on to us and whole-heartedly trusting yourself.

This mantra may appear a lot easier than it is and often times we do not even realize how quickly we alter our truths, beliefs and opinions when faced with those from other people. While it might be valuable to hear a close friend or family member weigh in on certain subjects, it is of utmost importance that your truest beliefs and values are being considered.

To see another parent with their child and second guess the way you do things is so common. You might think to yourself that you haven't been doing it "right" or that there is a "better" way. It is so important to note that whatever habits, rituals and actions work for one parent, might not work for you. We are all individuals, with our own minds, hearts and quirks and so are our children. The way one person feels heard, loved or appreciated is not going to be how others receive those feelings.

Trusting yourself takes a lot of practise and patience. It isn't always easy to look within for guidance, especially if you are currently experiencing trouble or stress in some form or another, but honouring your instincts and intuition and trusting that as a parent you will always do your best is all that matters.

In order to be authentic and true to who we are it is important to make your own calls. If we are always looking outside for our decisions then we loose ourselves and begin to live the life of someone else. Trusting yourself doesn't involve pretending to know things you actually know nothing about. Of course in parenting, especially for the first time, there is plenty of room for learning, and this often involves asking the hard questions and doing the research.

This mantra is about having faith in the things you do know and the calls you do have the ability to make.

Every parent was a parent for the first time.

There are no mandatory courses or information packets on parenting, and if you think you aren't qualified to make a good choice, you will end up afraid to make any choice. This happens when we find ourselves saying things like "what should I do?" "I don't know what to do" or even "tell me what to do" often.

Our children need leaders, teachers and supporters. These many roles may feel overwhelming at times, and as I have said before, those struggles are normal. If we do not make decisions confidently, or guide decisively, our self-doubt will be passed on to our children and that is how connections begin to weaken.

When you become a parent, life changes, in many ways! What we once knew nothing about becomes our specialty and we learn and grow and develop. Trusting yourself and your inner voice and your gut feelings will not only allow you to be assertive, heard and trusted by your little one, it will allow you to move through your day at ease with peace.

Breathe in courage, trust yourself and breathe out doubt. Today, and always, trust yourself to make the safest, happiest and healthiest choices for you and your family, simply because- you know best.

Show love, grow love

Happy Living Parents!