Fun with Flyers

Yesterday Zinnia and I decided to use up our flyers and magazines that had piled up under our coffee table. This is a great creative activity for a baby at any age and a great way to use your flyers rather than just recycle them each week.

We decided to make a garden collage and an our favourite things collage with our flyers.

What you need:

Flyers and/or magazines

Scissors (child safe or a pair just for parents)


Glue Stick

Zinnia had a blast hunting through the flyers and magazines looking for her favourite things! Our collage had books, babies and fruit. Our Garden themed collage had pictures of all the fruits and vegetables that we enjoy. Zinnia glued the backs and stuck them to the paper after I cut out the items she picked. Then we cleaned up our big mess and recycled the scraps of the paper!

Since making our collages Zinnia has sat in front of our pictures and talked about all the items we picked out. She was so excited to tell Daddy all about it when he got home from work.

This is a great creative activity for any child 6 or under and a great way to use your flyers rather than just recycling them each week.

Modified for Babies: you could rip the flyers with them as a fun sensory activity or cut up the flyers for them, fill a bin and hide some toys as a scavenger hunt!

Modification for Pre-schoolers: you could look through the flyers and make a grocery list, bring it to the store and hunt for the items you picked out. You could also set up the flyers in a "grocery store" themed bin intended for dramatic play. Pair the flyers with things like paper bags, pretend food, a toy shopping cart, toy cash register or pretend money. Or create a collage with specific themes like colours or food groups.

Show love, grow love

Happy Creating Parents!