I release the things I cannot control

This week's mindful mantra is about accepting the things we cannot change and releasing our desire to control them.

When I am writing my weekly mindful mantra's I always consider a few things: what I need to call from within me, what I need to release because it is out of my control and what I am grateful for at the time. It is within these three questions that I am able to look within myself and create a mantra that best suits my life and what is happening at the time.

Every mantra I write on CAMPS I then write on a white board stuck to my fridge. By writing the mantra in a place where I regularly see it, I give my mind a visual reminder of what I am working on at the time. This is especially helpful in making sure I do not forget my mantra that week. I can walk into my kitchen and know instantly what to say to myself and where to direct my attention. This type of self-loving practise is a wonderful ritual within our home and allows for us to stay on track with putting the love back into ourselves. If you are using these mantra's with me, I highly recommend writing it somewhere you will see often.

This week I have come to find myself held under the weight of worries and fears. It was not until becoming a mother that I found myself worrying about things I had never once thought about. While I know this to be a natural response to becoming a parent for the first time, I am equally aware of it's lack of merit. I cannot assume control over anything except the present, and it is with this acknowledgment that I call on a mantra such as this one to calm the worrying and the fears, and let go of the things I cannot control. This simple, yet important mantra is just what I need to stop those worries and fears in their tracks and spend my valuable present moments focusing on what is, rather than what may or may not be.

I hope that you too find this mantra to be useful in your home this week. Maybe you are carrying the weight of your own worries like myself or maybe you are carrying the negative energy of a friend or family member. Remind yourself to release the desire to fix, mend, replace or solve the problems around you, and be comfortable and at peace with what is right now.

This mantra is especially helpful if you are grieving, awaiting a response or result of some sort or are plain old parent paranoid like me.

Show love, grow love

Happy Living Parents