Through A Child's Eyes

Nowadays, I always wonder how the world looks through a child’s eye since I do not remember it anymore.

For the past three years, one of my favourite hobbies has been photography. I love taking pictures of my children, of nature or – even better – both together.

My son developed an interest in my hobby and he has kept asking to take pictures since he was three years old. I decided I would lend him an old camera and let him take some pictures with it. When my husband and I looked at these pictures, they were shaky, unfocused and crazy: some shoes here, a nose there, the ceiling, etc. Then we realized this was our son’s little world: he started telling us the stories behind those pictures and we created a new way of communicating that we didn’t even know existed.

And that’s how a new fun activity was born: the photography walks.

We are lucky enough to live within a five minute walk from a wonderful pond with fish, ducks, frogs and even a blue heron.

Our goal is to photograph different things that we find fascinating, whatever it may be that catches our attention. This not only allows us to have a great time, seeing the beauty in our surroundings and the present moment, it also offers the possibility to learn, during and after.

When we get home, we go through the pictures and talk about what we found. For the children, it is a great way to discover nature’s transformations (seasons, plants growing, etc.), to explore, to express themselves and to develop a love for photography. For the parents, it is a different way to get to know your child, to teach them and make them aware of environmental problems such as littering.

Give your child a camera and learn more about what interests them; how they see the world and how they interact with it.

*For more amazing pictures from Miriam and her wonderful little family check out her instagram account here. Currently the Wood family is visiting their home towns in England and Spain!