Normalize the Struggles

This week's mindful mantra comes from a place of feeling connected with other parents rather than against them.

Think about the tape that plays in your mind day to day and what stressors come up. Think about how often you tell others about these worries or pressures. If you tend to keep most of what concerns your mind to yourself, you might not ever know if or when someone else, even close to you, is thinking the same things. Once we begin to realize that we all come with these egoic thoughts, we can open up our ability to accept them for what they are, just thoughts.

Parenting is a role that comes with a lot of pressure to do thing's right, aiming to raise well-rounded individuals.

Most of the time, we internalize our parenting hardships or give ourselves the monumental task of balancing every facet of our lives into one smooth sailing experience. While blogs and other outlets for parenting discussions are certainly helpful, what can be most helpful is to normalize the struggles in your home and come to a place of understanding, accepting and releasing them, as opposed to trying to hide or coverup.

Parents of children at any age can relate to most of the common struggles that come to mind i.e. sleep routines, nursing or potty training. Imagine if we released ourselves from the idea of control in these moments, and rather joined forces with other parents to create a place of acceptance. Recognizing when the parent-child relationship is out of balance and then realizing that you are not alone, can carry a lot of power.

If we first accept we are not alone in these common parenting struggles and that most of what we experience is in fact very normal, we could free ourselves from the burden of having to get it all right, all the time.

Once we create a space within ourselves to deem our struggles as normal, and recognize our life might be out of balance, we can then focus all of our attention and effort into re-balancing it. Maybe you start a mommy or daddy circle in your home town, or maybe you read more blogs and articles to notice you aren't alone. Whatever you decide to do, you won't be wasting time stressing over the normal stuff.

Use this mantra throughout your week to remind yourself in the heat of the moment or at the end of an exhausting day that our struggles have been or are being felt by many other parents out there. Accepting and releasing the pressure we so often put on ourselves.

Show love, grow love

Happy Living Parents