Spring Craft Table

In one of my previous articles about painting, you’ll remember that, towards the end, I mentioned that sometimes I set up a table with various supplies as an invitation for the children to create art. During one of our walks in the forest, we gathered several materials, which I used to prepare a spring craft table.

Craft tables, especially the ones made with nature’s findings, are easy to make. All you need is to present all of the materials and add in some painting supplies (whatever you have around), paper or even Play-Doh. Let the children do the rest. On this table we had sticks, stones, pinecones, Crayola paint, glue and petals from some flowers we found. I used a small muffin tray for the paints: it is easy to clean and I can put as much paint as I want. This way I can buy bigger bottles of paint and mix them in the tray. I mixed my colours with white paint to make them a more pastel spring-themed tone.

Every time I set up a craft table I am delighted to see how engaged the children are. They captivate the attention of everyone, from toddlers to adults, and they provide a good way to stimulate imagination and creativity using common (and cheap!) materials.

Also, the good part about using natural items is that you can find them everywhere, from the garden, to the forest, or even a park; and collecting them is a whole (and very fun) activity in itself.

These tables allow me to do numerous different activities, depending on the time of year, and help the children to see the changes that happen with each season.

These are the results of our spring craft: even the tissue we used to clean our brushes looks like a piece of art.

If you are interested in more “nature art” for children, the artful parent is a great resource for ideas!