Stop, drop and breathe

Today's post is a simple reminder to stop, drop and breathe.

If you are yet to practise taking deep breaths regularly, not only in times of stress, but in times of happiness too, it's time you make it a priority!

Recent research has proven that negative experiences imprint on our brains in an instant and positive experiences take up to 15 seconds. Meaning that our brains tend to remember and imprint bad experiences easier than good ones. With that being said, it is a common tendency to remember the bad situations rather than all the good ones.

With a couple deep, conscious breaths you could actually begin to rewire your brain to view things through a positive lens (due to neuroplasticity). By taking the time to take a few deep breaths in the presence of a positive moment, wether it be with your child, yourself or your partner, you give your brain the 15 seconds it needs to then imprint that experience.

It is a common misconception to use deep breaths in a way to only diffuse a situation. While this will help bring awareness to that moment and slow down your flight or fight responses, it is also a tool to use in positive moments as well.

I hope you practise deep breathing today and feel the positive affects it can have on your experiences too.

Show love, grow love

Happy Breathing Parents

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