Use your Lifelines

Since embarking on our big family trip we have had lots of fun and adventures, however, over the last 4 days each member of my little family has been sick (luckily on different days)!

It all started with Zinnia and then went through Shane and then me. We had each caught the flu, then passed it on to another and it was NOT fun. My mantra for this week is for all those parents out there who try to take life on, full force, even when they aren't feeling at their best.

Sometimes us parents think that we need to be the nurturer, the teacher, the learner, the friend, and the super hero. While this is probably true most days, never forget to use your lifelines if and when you need them. We are all human and we can only perform as well as our body will allow us to.

I needed a lot of help yesterday since I was unable to even get out of bed, so I used my lifelines and that's ok.

I hope that by reading this, you are reminded to take a few steps back the next time you need to. Lean on your partner, your own parents, family members or friends. Even if you are not necessarily sick, it is important to take a break and ask for help if you feel you need it. It is crucial for everyone's health and happiness, not just your own!

I am happy to say we are now all feeling better and can carry on with our vacation.

Show love, grow love

Happy Living Parents

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