Trust the Process

Today's mantra is about letting life unfold before me without trying to fight against it, change it or spend any energy in regretting it. It is about growing and evolving as life unfolds, lesson by lesson.

Random April Snowstorm 1 : Family Road Trip 0

Today my family and I were supposed to hit the road for a month long vacation to Florida.

Unfortunately the weather had some other things in mind, and postponing our trip was one of them. Better safe than sorry, I guess.

There are a few different ways I could have looked at this situation:

1) get mad that there was a snowstorm because mother nature clearly has a personal vendetta to prevent our trip

2) not care at all that it is snowing because there is no reason we can't just go tomorrow

3) give mother nature the old shaking fist and grudgingly accept that our trip is not in fact going as planned

I think I fall in the third category but am aware that I aim to be closer to the second. Awareness is a start, right? I accept my unhappiness for this out-of-season snowstorm derailing our plans for today, but I equally know that staying was the safer choice and that there is no reason we can't just go tomorrow. So I will spend today, and the rest of my trip, reminding myself to trust the process.

Growing with life's lessons and trusting the process allows me to stay present, leave the worries behind and focus on the moments I am actually living.

So for this trip, and as often as I can, I will use this mantra to remind myself to trust the process, and leave the worrying behind me! I hope you too can come to a place of accepting life for what it is, while also trusting the process.

Show love, grow love

Happy Living Parents