Packing with a Child 101

Packing for a trip can be a daunting task with little ones to consider. No matter how many times we check their bag, once we arrive at our destination we always seem to have forgotten something!

We have been a travelling family since our daughter was born. With grandparents a minimum of 2 hours away, spanning 5 hours between the two sets, we are always on the road. Now my little family is heading into a long spring and summer of travelling. It is about time that I get the list typed out and have something easily accessible to refer to over the next 6 months.

The List


- diapers*

- wipes*

- bathtime essentials: bodywash, cloths, shampoo, towel,

- toothbrush

- toothpaste

- clothes depend on where you are going, age of child and length of stay, be sure to pack enough spares for accidents if laundry service is not accessible

*diapers and wipes depend on age of baby and length of trip however the general rule of thumb is approximately 5/day

The Perfect Diaper Bag: The diaper bag is the one bag you keep close during your transit and has all the things you might need along the way. This is the tear saving, anxiety-free packing of the diaper bag!

- drink/bottle

- nursing cover (if applicable)

- sling (if applicable)

- go-to snack, something your child is good at handling on their own

- bib (depending on age)

- 1-2 diapers (depending on actual length of transit)

- a small pack of wipes

- diaper cream

- change pad

- two of your child's favourite books

- 1-2 of their favourite toys

- music they love (if you are driving, this could be a playlist or CD)

- blankie to help induce sleep (if at all possible!)

- soother (if applicable)

- hat/mitts/coat if it's cold out OR sunscreen/hat it it's warm

- 1 extra outfit

- a ziplock bag for any garbage or accidents

- hand sanitizer

- biodegradable bags for dirty diapers

*for air travel liquids must be 100 ml/100 g (3.4 oz) or less and in a plastic bag. If you are using formula it is best to add water on the plane and pack the powder in the bottle.

Toys/Entertainment: You already have a couple books and toys in your diaper bag. There is one item I do not travel without, and cannot imagine a time I ever will before my daughter is 5.

Nesting Cups:

These are the most functional toys I have ever seen. So simple, yet it opens up an entire world of options for children from newborn age to 5 years old! This means that no matter what you are doing (water play, sand, snow, indoor play, organizing, building, etc) these toys can be used. They are virtually impossible to get bored of because they can do so many different things and serve many different purposes. For younger children their purposes can be very basic (chewing, banging, grabbing), for toddlers they serve as fine motor refining and colour/size concept building, and once they are pre-schoolers and beyond they are great tools for packing, organizing, sorting and pretending!

They make great bath toys and sensory tools for things like pouring, mixing, filling, spilling, and everything in between. The best part is that they take up virtually no space which makes them a truly ideal toy to take on the road.

For great information from occupational and speech therapists on all the benefits and uses of nesting cups click here.

A new place is adventurous enough that children can spend most of their time exploring the new scenery, people and things around them.

*nesting cups pictured above are from Ikea $2.99


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