Balance is Everything

Making moments mindful: balancing around the perimeter of your park before a road trip to another city to see the grandparents!

We are always travelling somewhere. It is safe to say, we are a pack up and go, go, go type family. Most weekends we are on the road visiting family.

With both sets of grandparents not only out of town, but in seperate town's from each other, we had to quickly adjust to a life of travelling with a baby. Having the first granddaughter on both sides of the family means we are never home (she is in high demand).

In Zinnia's first year of life we travelled to over ten different cities, between two countries and had many adventures.

Amid all the packing, driving, staying in other people's homes, packing again, driving again and then doing all the laundry before our next trip, we find time to slow right down and enjoy the little things. So before we hit the road for the fourth weekend in a row, we stopped at the park and balanced around the curb, swung on the swings, climbed the monkey bars, sang songs and ran down the hill.

It's ok to be busy. Actually, in today's world, being busy is the norm. What isn't ok, is rushing between scheduled activities and visits. We spent a total of 15 minutes at the park (give or take) and managed to laugh ourselves to bellyache and get tired enough to sleep for our hour and a half long road trip while dad drove. No rushing at all.

Balance is everything.

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