This time flies, so you should fly too!

This time flies, so you should fly too! This momtra is all about finding our inner child, and letting ourselves dive into the present moment and play with our children.

Our babies become walkers, then talkers, then teenagers! The time is now to swing them up high as often as we can and embrace these opportunities to connect together; eye to eye. Making eye contact is a powerful tool in connecting with others and providing this for our children is a great way to do just that! Talking to our babies and doing so as if they can understand every word is the freshest start to language development there is. Engaging in each other's gaze is the fastest way to speak and be heard, as well as creating an understanding beyond words. So today, even if you're exhausted, even if you might be late, remember that this is IT. These are the moments. These are the times. Connect honestly. Play innocently, Laugh vigorously. This time flies, so you should fly too! Show love, grow love. Happy Living Parents