There's a Wocket in my Pocket

Surrender to the Wocket in my Pocket.

This is a momtra to help alleviate monotony. All people can relate to monotony, especially parents of young children.

Zinnia has been obsessed with the Dr. Suess book "There is a Wocket in my Pocket" for months. I have probably read this book thousands of times by now, NO EXAGGERATION.

At times, reading the book 10 times in a row makes me start to feel a little crazy, BUT using this momtra really helps me to just let go and see the good in monotony.

It is actually a wonderful thing that she is so obsessed with this book. It makes perfect sense: bright colours, rhyming sounds, and a predictable theme. For months Zinnia has even been able to "read" the rhyming word to each page simply because we read this book so often, she has actually memorized it! The developmental affects are amazing.

So when life gets annoyingly monotonous. Say this silly momtra to lighten your mood, and keep on keepin' on! They will be over it soon enough.

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