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This week we feature a dad question!

Today's subject, the ever battled bedtime.

One dad wrote into C.A.M.P.S. asking if it is normal for his son to always want his wife to put him to sleep?

He went on to discuss that even if his son and him spent a lot of time together in the day, that when it came to putting his son to sleep his wife was the only one on his son's mind.

First off: THANK YOU for asking this question!

Questions are the only way to answers, and helping is all I want to do. So I appreciate you reaching out and asking me this question.

Dear dad, yes it is very normal for a child to want a specific parent at bedtime.

A few reasons this might be the case could be:

- if the child is breastfeeding or not, preferring your wife for comfort, etc.

- if your wife puts your son to sleep most of the time (i.e. forming a bedtime ritual that reminds your son each night that this is his special time with mommy)

- if your wife is a stay at home mom, or has spent more time with your son on a day to day basis than yourself

Things you can do to help alleviate this heart wrenching call for mom:

- try putting your son to sleep together, but take the reigns on reading the stories, tucking him in, etc.

- offer to exclusively put your son to bed as "your job" and try to start out a special daddy-son good night ritual

- create a different time that can be special daddy/son time such as always giving him his bath or another daily part of your son's routine

I hope that has helped offer a few quick ideas to shed some light on this question. It sounds like your son has a lot of love in his life!

If anyone else would like to help this great dad with any tips on the topic, comment below!

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