Less is More

Less is More.

This momtra is all about acceptance, understanding, forgiveness and slowing down.

Take a few moments to get a sense of what this might mean to you, right now, as you are reading it.

Less is more.

Allow this momtra to settle into your mind, and find a place of understanding it.

What came to mind? Who do you think of? How might this apply to you? Do you feel like you should ease up on the shopping? Does it make you think that you need to chop a few things off your to-do list? Does it mean you need to re-organize your schedule for the week?

However this momtra resonates for you, listen to it.

As parents to little ones we often have full plates, minds filled with bright ideas and somewhere in between all of that we have a partner to consider, a home to keep up with and a job/career that is important to us.

The internet can be an intimidating place. We see, read and hear all about these things we should be doing to stay healthy, get connected with our children and ourselves and yet none of that can really get done authentically and to the best of our ability if we just continue to pile on the to-do's, should's and need to's. How do we measure up to all of this?

The purpose of this momtra is to send yourself a reminder that for today, and the rest of the week (at least) you will make a vow to: - accept what you didn't get to

- understand that there is nothing wrong with getting to it tomorrow

- forgiving yourself for being a busy human who does their best

- allow yourself to slow right down.

A get out of jail free card so to speak.

The more you pile on, the less time, space, mental capacity and attention you can give to any of the other things you had planned.

Doing many small things is great for checking them off "the list", but they can leave you feeling overwhelmed and underproductive.

Investing all your attention, love and connection into a couple things creates a much better moment to moment presence which allows you to enjoy life and always give your best self to everything you do.

Now breathe. You're doing great.

Use this momtra to start and end your day all week for optimal self love and appreciation. Realizing you don't really need more, less is even better!

Show love, grow love

Happy Living Parents