Getting Creative with Books

Talk it out Tuesday: what is one of your favourite things to do with a good children's book?

Books offer so much more than a cherished, and connected reading experience.

In our home, books have been a passage way for most of our day to day activities.

We mimic the art on the pages, we have talks and explorations, we try the activities within or, if the book has one of those guides at the back, we will do what it suggests.

The book I am featuring today is called To Everything by Bob Barner.

The pages are created through paper collage, and are a really great springboard for creating your own collage at home and narrating a story to it.

No matter what age your little one is at, ripping paper is always fun! Older children might rip meticulously, plotting out a specific placement and using tape or glue.

Younger ones might just rip and throw, and taste, and crunch the paper which ends up being a full on sensory experience.

The messages of this book highlight the natural cycles of life around us, the ebb and flow of feelings, the give and take in this world as well as the idea that good and bad will always be sure to come and go. All of which create a truly wonderful conversation with a developing mind.

I love exploring the ideas of balance with my daughter. Life is a long road of balancing acts, allowing our paths to sway us in and out. Acceptance of these cycles is an important life lesson, and can always be modelled and discussed at any age.

Show love, grow love

Happy Reading Parents